Bengaluru landlord arrested for raping student from West Bengal at gunpoint

A businessman was arrested in Bengaluru on Monday for allegedly raping his tenant, a 20-year-old woman from West Bengal, at gunpoint.
According to the woman, a BA student, Anil Ravishankar Prasad (46) had created a ruckus objecting to her friends visiting her at the rented house and threatened to frame a visiting male friend in a human trafficking case.
Once he locked the male friend’s motorcycle and told them that it was done by police, according to the woman’s complaint. “He lent his car for my friend to leave. Later he started blackmailing stating that he would inform my parents about the incident. I requested him not to do so as my father was unwell,” she said in the complaint.
Prasad, who is from Bihar, runs a tiles business and lives in the Karnataka capital with his wife and children, according to police.
The police said that on April 11, when he learnt that the woman was planning to vacate the house, Prasad allegedly barged into it and threatened her with his licensed revolver and raped her.
However, the woman complained to the Ashoknagar police only later, after her parents visited her. Prasad was remanded in three-day police custody following his arrest.
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