BSF's Anti-Human Trafficking Unit Deployed At IB Saved 33 Victims In 2021: Report

The Anti-Human Trafficking Unit (AHTU) deployed by the Border Security Force's (BSF) South Bengal Frontier with an aim to identify vulnerable areas for human trafficking in the border region, had celebrated its tenure of one year on Saturday, January 15. The team works towards rescuing victims of human trafficking and nabbing touts.

BSF's Anti-Human Trafficking Unit rescued 33 victims in 2021
During the past year, the AHTU deployed on the International Border had rescued 33 victims including 28 women and five minor girls. A total of 29 cases were registered in connection with the illegal business of human trafficking.
As per the reports, 33 traffickers have also been arrested concerning the case. It is learnt that though the cases of human trafficking have reduced in the sensitive areas on the border, after the deployment of the Anti-Human Trafficking Unit, it will take some more time to eradicate the issue completely. 

In a statement issued by the BSF, "To root out the causes of human trafficking, as much as it is necessary to put the touts (buyers) behind bars, it is equally important to make the poor and innocent girls aware of the heinous act of human trafficking (swamp). So that no girl (women) can fall prey to these human traffickers."
According to BSF officials, poor innocent girls are the target of human traffickers. To make money, they promise the poor girls of good jobs like bar dancer, helper in the gym, massage parlour service, waiter work, house maid, or at a beauty parlour etc., and then push them into the inhuman business of prostitution. As a result, touts take advantage of these girls.

Surjit Singh Guleria, Senior Spokesperson and DIG of South Bengal Frontier stated, "It is often seen that brokers involved in human trafficking bring poor and gullible girls of Bangladesh across the border with the lure of good jobs and money and pushed into abominable work like prostitution.''
Guleria further mentioned that the BSF is taking strict measures to stop human trafficking on the border. Under the leadership of Inspector General of South Bengal Frontier, all the Anti-Human trafficking Units are deployed with an aim to nab all the syndicates involved in human trafficking and hand them over to the law and put them behind bars.
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