First National Law Conference held at University of Chittagong

Faculty of Law, University of Chittagong organised the inaugural edition of the National Law Conference. The first of its kind event commenced on 16 September and continued for two days at the premises of the University of Chittagong with Law in a Changing World as its theme.

Dr. Muhammad Shaheen Chowdhury, Professor and Acting Chairperson, Department of Law, delivered welcome speech at the beginning of the event. The event was moderated by Dr. Rakiba Nabi, Professor, Department of Law, University of Chittagong. The Chief Guest of the plenary session was Justice Borhanuddin, Honourable Justice of the Appellate Division, Supreme Court of Bangladesh. Professor Bishwajit Chanda, member of University Grant Commission (UGC) was present as Special Guest. Dr. Shireen Akhtar, Vice-Chancellor, was the Guest of Honour and Pro-Vice Chancellor Professor Benu Kumar Dey and Md. Aziz Bhuiyan, Senior District and Sessions Judge of Chittagong, graced the event as Special Guests.

The keynote speaker of the event was Dr. Sharif Bhuiyan, Advocate at Supreme Court of Bangladesh. He remarked, the practice of democracy in society is inevitable for maintaining the momentum of rule of law and economic prosperity. Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. Shirin Akhtar emphasised on establishing rule of law to move the country forward. She also expected that this law conference will play a major role in the growth and development of the country, nation, and the university.

Professor Dr.  Biswajit Chand, member of University Grant Commission said that the fact that such a conference was being organised for the first time in the country, was quite surprising.  He regretted that merit verification in the country is based on memorisation. However, problem solving skills are also immensely important but get lesser attention.  In the light of present times, our teaching methods need to be changed. Lastly, Justice Borhanuddin, Honourable Justice of the Appellate Division, Supreme Court of Bangladesh said "law is the common sense of the individual.  Laws lose their effectiveness if individuals do not use their common sense.  But currently we are going through various problems i.e., Climate change, human trafficking, cyber threats, Rohingya crisis and many more. To move forward with the changing world, we need to amend our laws to facilitate the solution of current problems."

In total, 70 research articles have been presented by researchers from around 50 domestic and foreign universities.  Also, 30 eminent jurists consisting of academicians, judges and practitioners were present as panel speakers.

The second day started with a Thematic Session titled on "Challenges of Conducting Legal Research: Sharing of Experiences". Eminent law professors like Dr. Mohammad Ekramul Haque, Professor, Department of Law, Dhaka University, Dr. Borhan Uddin Khan, Professor, Dhaka University, Dr. SM Masum Billah, Dean, Faculty of Law, Jagannat University, Dr. Md. Rizwanul Islam, Professor, North South University and Barrister Tanim Hossain Shawon, Advocate at Supreme Court of Bangladesh took part in the session. The session was chaired by Professor Dr. Abdullah Al Faruque. They discussed the importance of legal research, problems, procedures and ways of solving these problems.

The conference ended with the closing speech delivered by Professor Dr. Abdullah Al Faruque, Dean, Faculty of Law, University of Chittagong, after distributing certificates among the researchers. In his closing remarks, he expected that the conference will inspire both law students and legal researchers.

The event was covered by Ismeta Azim, student of law at University of Chittagong.

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