ICYMI: Russian Invaders in Ukraine Targeted Law Enforcement

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Psychology Today: Russian Invaders in Ukraine Targeted Law Enforcement
By Mitzi Perdue, MPA
Jul. 30, 2022

“When the Russians invaded Ukraine back in February, they deliberately attacked the infrastructure of law enforcement. In Kyiv, the Russians destroyed five police buildings and 25 police cars, and they degraded the ability of police officers to communicate with each other.

"That put citizens up against the dual nightmares of being attacked by foreign invaders while simultaneously enduring lawlessness, as criminals now roamed the area unimpeded. According to Max MacMillan (a pseudonym, for security reasons) of Silent Bridge, an organization of law enforcement officials, policy experts, and business executives intent on stopping the sexual exploitation globally, the dual nightmare had a purpose: to create so much stress that it would undermine people’s ability to function.

"MacMillan has seen firsthand what such stress does people’s ability to function. Refugees from Ukraine can be almost uniquely vulnerable to human traffickers, he says. They may be so traumatized that as they cross the border to supposed safety, they lose all situational awareness and stumble blindly into the clutches of waiting traffickers..."

Read the rest of the article on the Psychology Today website.
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