Indore: Arthsangini founder sensitises people about human trafficking

Indore (Madhya Pradesh): “India ranks fifth in the world in terms of human trafficking. This has become a big problem for many countries including India. Poverty and illiteracy are the main reasons for this,” said Shanu Mehta, a professor and founder of Arthsangini social organisation on Friday in a discussion on the topic of human trafficking organised by the National Institute of Public Corporation and Child Development, Indore, ministry of women and child development.

She said that the reason is due to lack of awareness.

Many times not only women and children but also men become victims of human trafficking. Mehta believes that to avoid this, people need to become vigilant.

Mehta narrated a case where such an incident happened with a woman called Damini. The person living in her village took her along with the lure of getting her a job. Wowed over the offer put forth by the person, Damini along with her family trusted him.

However, all their trust was shattered and the family hasn’t heard from Damini yet.

A similar case narrates what happened with 20 year old Saraswati. On search it was found that she was sold to a person by her drunken father.

Sunita Krishnan became a victim of this and established Prajwala NGO and is working to find and save women from such cases.

Shanu Mehta said that our Arthsangini NGO is also working to bring awareness about this in Indore and other areas of the state. Many people trap women in this kind of trap in the name of getting a job in a big package and should be made aware of this fact.

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