Reform anti-trafficking Act

Owners of different recruiting agencies have urged the government to reform the Prevention and Suppression of Human Trafficking Act-2012 to end "harassment" against them.

Forming a human chain in front of the capital's Jatiya Press Club on Sunday, they said many recruiting agency owners and employees had been facing police harassment due to "misuse" of the anti-trafficking act.

They demanded the inclusion of a new clause in the existing act, citing if workers go abroad legally after obtaining clearance from the Bureau of Manpower, Employment and Training, these cases will remain out of the purview of the anti-trafficking act.
If allegations are raised by any worker against a recruiting agency, then action should be taken under the Overseas Employment and Migrants Act-2013, they added.

"We send workers abroad after maintaining rules and regulations of both Bangladesh and the receiving countries by collecting demand letters from the foreign employers, where both governments are involved," said Abdul Barakat Bhuiyan, former vice president of Bangladesh Association of International Recruiting Agencies.

Addressing the human chain, M Tipu Sultan, president of Recruiting Agency Oikya Parishad, said, "We will have no alternative but to stop sending workers abroad if such problems are not resolved by the end of this month."

Sultan also said that they will submit memorandum to different government offices, including the Prime Minister's Office, the home ministry and the law ministry, to press home their demands.  
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