RELEASE: Solo Nationwide Bike Ride for Human Trafficking Awareness Reaches Halfway Point in Colorado

Solo Nationwide Bike Ride for Human Trafficking Awareness Reaches Halfway Point in Colorado

#Bike4SilentBridge Ride started on the Canadian border and will end at Florida Keys

PUEBLO, Co. – The solo nationwide bike ride, #Bike4SilentBridge, raising awareness of human trafficking has reached it halfway point in Pueblo, CO after covering 2,923 miles. The bike ride started at Blaine, Washington on the Canadian border and will go to the Florida Keys. The #Bike4SilentBridge ride is self-funded with a goal of spreading awareness of sex trafficking and to raise at least $50,000 for Silent Bridge, a non-profit fighting trafficking around the globe.

James has spent 64 days biking, including climbing 175,000 feet. James just finished the Western Express trail from San Francisco to Pueblo, CO, and now begins his next nearly 3,000 miles on the TransAmerica Trail through Kansas, Missouri and Illinois until he reaches the Underground Railroad Trail in Kentucky. From Kentucky he’ll cut south through Mississippi to Mobile, Alabama before reaching Florida via the Southern Tier Route.

James, who goes only by his first name to keep the bike ride about the mission rather than him, is a retired father and grandfather. He visits local restaurants, bike shops and campgrounds on his ride, as well as organizations fighting trafficking in their local jurisdictions. His meetings have included conversations with those helping victims in recovery; the office of U.S. Karen Bass (CA-37), a leading federal advocate for anti-sex trafficking policy changes, and those connecting local resources together to give victims holistic help and support.

James said of his ride:

“The hardest physical part of the journey from high altitudes and days of many thousands of feet of climbing are behind me. I have covered 2,923 miles so far and have almost exactly that much further to go!

“From the giant redwoods in California to the wide open and lonely deserts of Nevada and Utah, the Rocky Mountains, Black Canyon, Blue Mesa, and more, I feel lucky and blessed to have the opportunity and ability to make this journey. When I started this adventure, I had no solid idea if I could complete the ride. Now I believe I can. I miss my family every day, but I think I can handle another 60 days or so with their support! I have received messages of support from so many of you via text, Instagram, and email. I want you all to know how much I have appreciated your encouragement and support. Thank you! Many of you have donated to Silent Bridge which is making a difference in combating human trafficking. Thank you!”

James is documenting his bike ride on or his Instagram page, @bike4silentbridge.

James is available for interviews about his ride. Email to set up an interview.

Silent Bridge is a United States-based non-profit that exists to provide recovery and reintegration support for victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation throughout the world. Our goal is to end this grave injustice against the most vulnerable while working to restore communities and those ravaged by the global human trafficking industry. Since 2019, its efforts in remote areas have included hygiene and nutritional deliveries as well as homes providing shelter, meals and education for sex trafficking victims and their dependents. Learn more at

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