UP ATS takes custody of key accused of Int’l human trafficking racket

The Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) of Uttar Pradesh police on Tuesday took the custody of Ratan Mandal, the key accused in international human trafficking racket involved in sending Bangladesh and Myanmar nationals to European, Gulf and South-east Asian countries on Indian identities, to interrogate him about the entire nexus involved in it, said senior police officials.
The Lucknow ATS court has granted 12 days’ custody remand of Ratan Mandal, who was arrested from Nadia, West Bengal, on last Thursday and brought to Lucknow. The role of Ratan Mandal, a tour and travels agency operator, surfaced in the racket after the arrest of his brother Mithun Mandal from Varanasi on October 26 when he was taking along two Bangladeshi nationals to Delhi.
A senior ATS official said the investigators believed that Ratan Mandal was the most important among the 20 people arrested so far in connection with their involvement in the racket. He said Mandal could reveal the identity of other key persons involved in the racket, including some people associated with airlines and other agencies related to immigration.
The official said Mandal was the person who was in direct touch with a Bangladeshi national Saeed who is settled in South Africa and suspected to be kingpin of the racket. He said Ratan used to work and arrange things at the behest of Saeed. He said Saeed’s close aide Jahangir, who is also a Bangladeshi national, used to help illegal immigrants in crossing India-Bangladesh border illegally and Ratan used to prepare their Indian documents through his contacts in West Bengal.
He said the traffickers helped Bangladeshi nationals get Hindu names and Indian passports by preparing their fake address proofs like Aadhaar and voter ID cards. He said the Bangladeshi nationals were later sent to different countries as Indian nationals.
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