RELEASE: Solo Bike Ride Raising Awareness of Human Trafficking Reaches Florida Keys After Biking 5,448 Miles

Solo Bike Ride Raising Awareness of Human Trafficking Reaches Florida Keys After Biking 5,448 Miles

The #Bike4SilentBridge Ride Reaches Its Destination After 108 Days

FLORIDA KEYS, Fl. – Today, the #bike4silentbridge ride reached its destination of the Florida Keys after biking 5,448 miles, starting at the Canadian border in Washington State. James, the solo bike rider, did the ride over 108 days, raising critical awareness of human trafficking along the way.

James, who is retired and self-funded the ride, rode through 13 states with 50 lbs. of gear. During his journey, James met with local activists and elected officials fighting human trafficking. He also did media interviews, earning the cause front page newspaper coverage and television news clips.

“What started as a simple charity ride to raise funds for Silent Bridge and draw attention to human trafficking, turned into a call-to-action in communities along the way,” said James, who only goes by his first name to keep the ride’s focus on the cause. “I was able to have frank conversations with people I encountered about recognizing the signs of human trafficking in their local communities. Human trafficking affects 40 million victims globally, and our small American cities are not immune from this horrible industry.

“I’m glad I could keep up the strength and endurance to complete this nearly 5,500-mile journey. The kindness I experienced from complete strangers along the way will stay with me for the rest of my life. The conversations I had with those fighting human trafficking across America has me hopeful that awareness will continue to grow, tools for law enforcement will keep improving and survivors will have increased resources for starting a new life.

“I encourage those able to do so to make a tax-deductible donation to Silent Bridge, an organization fighting trafficking around the world by providing recovery and reintegration support for victims. It takes all of us to stand up and fight the injustice of human trafficking.”

To learn more about the #bike4silentbridge ride, James has been keeping a blog at and an Instagram at

Silent Bridge is a United States-based non-profit that exists to provide recovery and reintegration support for victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation throughout the world. Our goal is to end this grave injustice against the most vulnerable while working to restore communities and those ravaged by the global human trafficking industry. Since 2019, its efforts in remote areas have included hygiene and nutritional deliveries as well as homes providing shelter, meals and education for sex trafficking victims and their dependents. Learn more at

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