Who We Are

Silent Bridge is composed of a group of highly successful people from the law enforcement community (city, county, state, and federal agencies), the private business sector including strategic policy advisors (city, county, state, and federal agencies), and the CEO’s of 4 organizations. We team with great organizations that have a long-term footprint in the Asian Pacific, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.

Board Members have a combined experience in over 45 countries throughout the world seeing first-hand the tragedy of Human Sex Trafficking to young men and women’s lives. Our law enforcement Board Members had a combined investigative law enforcement experience of over 240 years.

The group came together with a vision of stopping the exploitation of young and vulnerable women in the human sex trafficking trade in the most austere locations in the world. Often forgotten and abandoned by families and relief organizations due to the remoteness and danger of their locations we are driven to never forget them. We hope that you will join us in the fight to never forget them and bring them to safety.
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