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Safe Havens in operation in Nepal, Bangladesh, and ukraine

New Countries Emerging soon!

Silent Bridge Locations

Nepal Safe Havens

Immediate Needs in Nepal

We currently operate a 10,000 sq. ft. safe haven for six young women, with plans to expand to accommodate 15. Join us in out funding needs that include constructing new safe havens, hiring more English teachers, and expanding outreach programs.

The Problem

Nepal grapples with a significant prevalence of sex trafficking. Victims and potential victims are often located in rural areas, necessitating interventions to address the language barrier, educational gaps, and remote geographical barriers.

Our Work in Nepal

After conducting extensive research, we identified an ideal location for our safe haven in Nepal. We remodeled a building, furnished it, and established an outreach program in high-risk areas. Additionally, we formed a local board and registered it with the Nepali government. 

We opened our safe haven and currently are providing shelter and support to six young women. 

Additionally through our Outreach efforts we are providing English teachers to villages with fewer than 150 children, enhancing language skills, and acting as a community resource for identifying potential victims of sex trafficking.

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We are building 5 safe havens in 2024!

Colombia, malaysia, Kenya, Philippines, and Ecuador Safe Havens 

We are currently operating 3 Safe Haven in 3 countries, Ukraine, Nepal, and Bengadesh. We have 5 countries emerging. Click on the link below to join our efforts. 

Our Recovery Model 

Strategic Research and Relationship Building:

Silent Bridge begins by researching countries facing resource inadequacies in addressing the vulnerabilities of children to trafficking and exploitation. We build transparent relationships, ensuring equity and understanding of specific needs existing in the identified regions.

Model Development for Safe Havens and Programs:

 Building upon the insights gained, Silent Bridge leverages its expertise to design innovative models for establishing safe havens and impactful programs. These models are crafted with a focus on providing children and vulnerable women with avenues to escape sex trafficking and exploitation, fostering an environment of safety, support, and recovery.

Continuous Monitoring and Best Practice Refinement:

Silent Bridge employs robust reporting and monitoring procedures to evaluate outcomes continuously.

We refine best practices, ensuring trauma-informed care and holistic services in response to evolving needs.

Engagement and Reporting

 Silent Bridge maintains open lines of communication with stakeholders, providing regular and transparent updates on project developments while maintaining the safety of the individuals we work to support. This approach reinforces and refines our commitment to credible, impactful, and sustainable interventions.

EIN: 83-4386641

Phone: (541) 514-7548 

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