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Silent Bridge is passionately committed to recovery for children and vulnerable women from the harrowing depths of sex trafficking, including the confines of brothels and poverty.

First, we do this by prioritizing safety and striving to illuminate a path to a hopeful future by providing secure long-term safe housing within a nurturing, healing and educational environment. 

Secondly, we work with local law enforcement to build their capacity, especially in support of anti-trafficking investigations; and third, we work with other NGOs and the local governments to build awareness and support for these efforts. 

We currently operate safe haven shelters in Nepal and Bangladesh, and in partnership are supporting a new shelter in Ukraine. This coming year we are working towards expanding our efforts in Columbia, El Salvador, Malaysia, Philippines, and Kenya. 

Our Story

Silent Bridge was created by leaders that have been fighting human trafficking within local, national and international law enforcement for decades. The need to step up and make a difference in often overlooked and forgotten places, arose when our founder was working internationally and had just walked over a foot bridge in a small village where he witnessed the darkest side of humanity. After this, he knew that creating a bridge of hope for those fighting to survive and recover was vital. You are the bridge and the safe harbor for children and vulnerable children and women around the world. Join us in Silent Bridge’s story in truly making a difference today. 

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Our Mission & Approach

Silent Bridges core mission is to help those that have suffered the atrocity of human trafficking or are vulnerable to it. We work directly in countries where some children have been left behind. Silent Bridge first leveraged its multiple decades long experience working within law enforcement to launch our programs in Nepal and Bangladesh. These two primary Safe Havens showcase as a repeatable model of 1.) Rescuing children and those being sex trafficked, 2.) Providing long term after care, protection, and shelter for children. We need your help continuing the miracle of making a bridge to those who are truly suffering world wide by building 4 more Safe Haven programs in Columbia, Guatemal, Ukraine, and Africa. 

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